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The Islam and Human Rights Research Center promotes a reform of the current radical application of Islamic law to advance human rights in Islamic world. For this purpose the Center offers a variety of innovative academic research programs that cover different areas connected to Islam and Human Rights.


The Center also offers supervision and mentoring of academic researches and thesis that are conducted with other Universities, if they cover the area of Islam and Human Rights.

The Center cooperates and partners also with other academic institutions and helps students to get full or partial scholarships.

The Center creates and offers knowledge and produces materials that can help politicians and society to find answers on how to deal with radical Islam. It offers a vigorous program of publications, conferences, policy briefings, and recommendations, and publishes books, an academic journal and other materials.

The Center takes efforts to establish a social dialogue, spread awareness, defend religious freedom and to eliminate any form of discrimination or prejudices against peaceful and law binding Muslims and against non-Muslims.

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