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Modern Challenges to Islamic - 3 Credits

(MCIL- IIR1111)

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Service Description

​Human life is changing constantly. There are many legal issues in modern times and human life that did not exist and were not thought of in the past and during the lifetime of the prophet. This New legal challenge needs new legal answers by Islamic law. These challenges cannot be met individually. They must be answered systematically and collectively first. The textual and traditional sources do not cover all these areas and meet all these needs. They have to have their legal rulings. They must therefore be dealt with, by any means, and if not by texts then by rational principles and human intellect. The Qur’an and Sunnah are not the only sources of Islamic law, though they enjoy priority. The consensus of opinion (ijma’), analogy (qiyas), human intellect (‘aql), public opinion (‘urf), common sense (syrat al-‘uqala), (and a collection of legal principles, such as public interest (istihsan), juristic and public preference (istislah) etc., occupy an important place in the Islamic legal system and the principle of continuous reasoning (ijtihad) has also contributed to the idea of the interdependence of the Islamic jurisprudence and the Islamic code of behavior (law-fiqh). Furthermore, Islamic law (fiqh) has its own general norms and maxims that can help facing the Contemporary challenges facing Islamic law

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