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Submission Guidelines

1) Several forms of scholarly or creative work  (e.g. journal articles, book chapters, research reports, conference proceedings, and book reviews);  

2) Papers written in English or in Arabic language Connected to Islamic Reform.

The paper should be:
  • Well-written in an academic style;

  • Clearly presented;

  • Free from culturally-sensitive matters; and

  • Demonstrating adherence to the IHRRC Code of Ethics.


Copyright Policy

  • IHRRC Papers Series can be cited and referred to without the author’s permission;

  • the copyright of the paper is held by the author;



Any queries can be directed to the 


Manuscript processing

The procedure for processing the manuscripts is as follows:

  • The author submits his/her manuscript for approval.

  • Upon IHRRC approval, the author submits the manuscript online through the following site:

  • Submissions will be received by the IHRRC at

  • The manuscript might be sent back to the author for modifications, if necessary.

  • Upon IHRRC review, the manuscript can


Research Proposal & Paper Online Submissions.

Please fill in the following form to submit the online submissions. All the fields are mandatory and you may upload the submission only in pdf format 5 MB.

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