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The Journal of Islam and human rights research enter is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the scholarly study of all Areas of Research that is connected to Islam and human rights and bringing a positive change to the Islamic world.


(IHRRC journal), is the first academic journal to focus on Islam and human rights, and exploring the historic social, economic, political and religious impact on the Muslims today living and the links between the above aspects and the modern challenges they face.

Interdisciplinary in its nature, the Journal of Islam and human rights, approaches the challenges that is facing the Muslim community worldwide from the Islamic perspectives throw research and studies in the flowing field as anthropology, economics, history, international law, political science, religion, women’s studies, and other disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. It seeks to promote new research with new interpretation of Islamic law that cover every single areas of Muslims daily life, witch will restore justice, establishing peace, advancing people rights and revive the hope for real democracy to be established.    

The Journal publishes two issues a year. All dues-paying member receive the Journal. To purchase individual articles or back issues, can be found here.

Inquiries about the Journal can be directed to Article submission guidelines can be found here.

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