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The work of the Islam and Human Rights Research Center is driven by the desire to see human rights of all people being respected and protected. We want to see Muslim countries flourishing and enjoying social justice and peace, and being secure from violence, extremism and discrimination.


We want to see Muslim societies living in peace and harmony and we believe that a peaceful co-existence of people of different opinions and even of different religions is possible, if the society embraces diversity and pluralism and respects the freedom of religion of all people.


We believe that the following basic values and principles are a key for peace and security. They allow to live a life in peace – peace with oneself, with God, and with other people:


• Respecting human dignity, equality and human rights

Respecting justice, fairness, kindness, compassion, restraining from extremism, mockery and violence

If all people treat each other just and fairly, with kindness and truthfulness, respect what is and holy to others, and restrain from mockery and violence, peaceful co-existence is possible.

• Choosing dialogue over aggression

 Confidence in democracy.

 Fighting against prejudice and discrimination.



If a society chooses to solve its problems through dialogue and communication, peace can be protected and maintained. We believe that these values and principles have been promoted in the Quran and the correct Sunnah and reflect the main purpose of Shariah, which is to serve the benefit of the people and to prevent harm from them.

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