Who We Are



The Islam and Human Rights Research Center (IHRRC) is a scientific research center designed to promote the protection of human rights in Islamic world. For this purpose, it tackles radical Islamic interpretations and offers suggestions to reform Islamic law.

The IHRRC also promotes freedom and democracy in Islamic world and aims to foster a positive integration of the Muslim minorities living in the West.

What We Do



The Islam and Human Rights Research Center promotes a reform of the current radical application of Islamic law to advance human rights in Islamic world. For this purpose the center offers a variety of educational publications and conducts academic research that covers different areas connected to Islam and Human Rights.


The IHRRC also offers supervision of academic researches and thesis in the area of Islam and Human Rights conducted in other universities.

Research Areas



The nature of the work and activity of the Islam and Human Rights Research Center (IHRRC), is to conduct  innovative scientific research on Islam and Human Rights, and establishing social dialogue to discuss the problems and obstacles that hinder advancing human rights in Islamic world

New book Release


by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD

The book delivers the solution for the conflict of Islam with Human Rights.
It is an academically profound approach to reform Islamic Criminal Law.

The book explains:

  • Why it is important to distinguish between and Islamic law

  • Why Islamic jurisprudence () plays a key role in the conflict

  • Why reformation and renewal can be considered Islamic concepts

  • Why the Quran and the Sunnah always need to be interpreted in the context of the relevant time and environment and considering the need of the people

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