Human Rights in Islamic world

.     Democracy and its obstacles in the Islamic world

·     International Protection of Human Rights

·    The Rights of the Muslim Child

·    The Muslim Refugees, Law and Human Rights

·    International Protection of Women's Human Rights

·    International Rights of the Child

·    Human Rights in Islamic world, Religion and Culture

·    Islamic and International Criminal Law, a comparative study

·    Punishments of Islamic Criminal Law and Human Rights

·    International Law on Disputes and the Use of Force

·    Social Justice, Law and Poverty in Islamic world

·    Governing under the Constitution: Law and Practice

·    Administrative Justice and Open Government

·    Victims and Victimology and Criminal Law

·    Explorations in Police and Policing in Islamic world

 Shariah, Fiqh and Islamic Law


·     Islamic Jurisprudence

·     Islamic legal Evidence

·     Islamic Family Law  

·     Islamic Criminal Law

·     Islamic Commercial Transactions Law

·     Islamic Constitutional Law

·     Islamic Comparative Legal History

·     Islamic Criminal Procedure

·     Islamic Law of Contract