Welcome to the Institute for Islamic Reform. We are happy that you are interested in our course program Below you will find a great variety of topics and courses. All the courses are being taught online  This makes it easy for you to attend courses at your timely convenience and without having to travel or to look for accommodation.  All the courses are available in Arabic and English. You can book either just one course, or several courses at the same time, depending on your timely capacity.

Human Rights in Islamic world

·  (IIR- IPHR) International Protection of Human Rights

·  (IIR- RMC) The Rights of the Muslim Child

·  (IIR- MRLHR) The Muslim Refugees, Law and Human Rights

·  (IIR- IPWHR) International Protection of Women's Human Rights

·  (IIR- IRC) International Rights of the Child

·  (IIR- HRIWRC) Human Rights in Islamic world, Religion and Culture

·  (IIR- IICLCS) Islamic and International Criminal Law, a comparative study

·  (IIR- PICLHR) Punishments of Islamic Criminal Law and Human Rights

·  (IIR- ILDUF) International Law on Disputes and the Use of Force

·  (IIR- SJLPIW) Social Justice, Law and Poverty in Islamic world

·  (IIR- GUCLP) Governing under the Constitution: Law and Practice

·  (IIR- AJOG) Administrative Justice and Open Government

·  (IIR- VVICL) Victims and Victimology and Criminal Law

·  (IIR- EPPIW) Explorations in Police and Policing in Islamic world

 Shariah, Fiqh and Islamic Law


·     (IIR- IJ) Islamic Jurisprudence

·     (IIR- ILE) Islamic legal Evidence

·     (IIR- IFL) Islamic Family Law  

·     (IIR- ICL) Islamic Criminal Law

·     (IIR- ICTL) Islamic Commercial Transactions Law

·     (IIR- ICL) Islamic Constitutional Law

·     (IIR- ICLH) Islamic Comparative Legal History

·     (IIR- ICP) Islamic Criminal Procedure

·     (IIR- ILC) Islamic Law of Contract