The nature of the work and activity of the Islam and Human Rights Research Center (IHRRC) is to conduct  innovative scientific research on Islam and Human Rights, and to offer supervision to students who conduct rearch in this area.


Human Rights in Islamic World

  • Democracy and its obstacles in the Islamic world
  • International Protection of Human Rights

  • The Rights of the Muslim Child

  • The Muslim Refugees, Law and Human Rights

  • International Protection of Women's Human Rights

  • International Rights of the Child

  • Human Rights in Islamic world, Religion and Culture

  • Islamic and International Criminal Law, a comparative study

  • Punishments of Islamic Criminal Law and Human Rights

  • International Law on Disputes and the Use of Force

  • Social Justice, Law and Poverty in Islamic world

  • Governing under the Constitution: Law and Practice

  • Administrative Justice and Open Government

  • Victims and Victimology and Criminal Law

  • Explorations in Police and Policing in Islamic world

Shariah, Fiqh and Islamic Law

  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Islamic legal Evidence

  • Islamic Family Law  

  • Islamic Criminal Law

  • Islamic Commercial Transactions Law

  • Islamic Constitutional Law

  • Islamic Comparative Legal History

  • Islamic Criminal Procedure

  • Islamic Law of Contract